Sample eBlast Campaign
Here is an example of a comprehensive eBlast creative campaign. We used one master category (Commercial Real Estate) and broke it into unique segments. Here’s how we segmented it and click on the links to see the animated eBlasts.

Campaign 1
We chose to send to all of the segments for our introduction of this new site. The Subject line is: "Art That Works"

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Campaign 2
We generated creative content for each segment, concentrating on the key words and services within their segment. Those segments are:

Segment Subject
Commercial Real Estate "Lease up"
Shopping Centers "Lease up"
Builders/Construction "Build your business"
Hotels/Inns/Resorts "Five star graphics"
Facilities/Stadiums "Fill more seats"
Casinos "Increase your numbers"
Campaign 3
We chose to send to all of the segments again for the "offer" or closing eBlast. The Subject line is: "Updating your sales tools just got a lot more affordable"

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