have been creating impactful photographic mosaics for several years now and consider myself an expert in generating them. The jury is out on whether photo mosaics are truly artwork or simply a technique. Personally, I think that if you master a technique it is art. My first mosaic was in the mid 90’s, since then many consumer software versions of this technique have evolved to the point where anybody can create one. But, there is a definite science to creating the ideal library of source images and creating a design composition that lends itself to a successful mosaic Check out a few of the pieces I’ve created.

Xolo Mosaic
xolos mosaic
The Xolo Mosaic is an ongoing social media mosaic chronicling the rapid 7 year rise of the Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles (Xolos) soccer team. Composed entirely of images of players, happy fans, stadium expansions and championship celebrations, this evolving mosaic captures the positive influence the team has had for the city and the border region.
Daiwa Mosaic
daiwa mosaic
We had such a huge library of images we’ve shot over the last 20 years with Daiwa fishing Tackle that we wanted to be sure our trade partners knew they could get virtually everything in the Image Library.