by Dean Mitchell

his Issue features the inside story on how we create photo cut-aways from a product that won’t peel apart nicely. Digital retoucher (and long time DMD collaborator)
Pak Sing Chan, shows us the stages involved to pull it off and keep it looking like a photo.

Additionally, Pak takes us through our process of color matching our images to the actual product. In this case a Daiwa fishing reel. It’s this attention to detail that makes our clients’ products stand out. Pak and I have teamed up for over 25 years creating catalogs, brochures, websites and ads for clients including: Daiwa, Solatube, Lamkin and WD-40.
by Dean Mitchell @DeanMitchellDZN
Producing a cut-away product photo
handlesB The inner rubber core was in reasonably good shape and gave us a lot of actual photo texture and lighting to work with.

C A clean grip was shot in the same position to give us the end-cap.

D The outer grip texture was shot for half of the peel back look.

Product shots that actually look like the product are more than just a nice photo